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Hi all guys,

now I’m going to help you to do animations with photoshop.

1. First step, you have to open a new document in photoshop. I’ll use a minibanner size: 88×31 pixels.

2. Then go to “window” and mark “animation”

3. Then start to design the background. Use different layers for each thing will move in the animation.

For example, in my minibanner, the text will change so did 4 layers:

– First with the background

– One with the letter M

– Other with the letter W

– The last with MW and a little bright.

4. Now, to start the animation, we will hide all layers and show only what we want show at first. In my case i’ll show:

– Background

– Letter M.

5. Create a new layer in the animation box and show or hide other layers.

In my case i’ll show W and i’ll hide “m” layer.

6. Do the same creating new layers in the animation to show or hide the elements you want.

Now, in the third layer i’ll show both layers (M and W)

And then i’ll create other layer in the animation box to show only the layer with MW and the little btight.

7. To end you have to adjust the time the layers were showing.

I hope the tutorial helps you ;)

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