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Clone Stamp Tool

-1º step: Open a new document in photoshop and paste the image you are going to manipulate, or open the image directly in photoshop.

this image for example; we are going to “delete” the window

-2º step: Choose the clone stamp tool

-3º step: press “alt” (as you can see the pointer is like spyhole)

-4º step: now, pressing “alt” pick in the ivy’s leafs,

-5º step: stop to press “alt” and draw over the window. As you can see in the window appear the leafs you choose pressing “alt” with the clone stamp tool.

-6º step: continue doing this to “cover” the window.

you will have something like this:

I did other works using that tool (with better quality xd)



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  1. cirilo's Gravatar cirilo
    28 February, 2010    

    o_O muy bueno
    me esta ciendo util :D
    me encantaria k isieras tutoriales de firmas

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