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Hi guys,
Here you are a little tutorial about rendering images:

we have 2 ways to render the images:
- using the rubber: like I did I that tutorial:
If you want to use the rubber, please, use small sizes and NOT blur borders.

- using the polygon lasso tool:
1- open photoshop and the image you want to rendering.
in my case, I’ll render:

2- Click to select the Polygon Lasso Tool in the Tools palette.

Click on any edge of the object you want to select, to set the starting point. Continue clicking around the object to select the image.
To close the selection position the pointer over the starting point.

3- Once a selection has been made you can cut the image or invert the selection to remove the background.
– if you cut the image paste it in a new document
– if you invert the selection, only delete the background

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